Are humans more dangerous to the world than natural Disasters?


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1. What causes natural disasters?
2. Do humans affect nature?
3. What's beneath us?
4. What's above us?
5. How do humans affect nature?


Welcome room 20 to the world of blogging! You are all reqiured to join the Rm 20 Class page and create your very own page. You will be allocated time each week to work on your page and to contribute to weekly class discussions that will be posted by Miss Stephens.

The first discussion question that you must reply to is:

What do we know about Earth?

You must write any ideas that comes to mind.
This week we are going to play around on our own page. First you must have the heading

"Natural Disasters"

Your sub heading will then be:

Different types of Natural disasters?

You must try and write as many natural disasters as you can think of. Try and attach photos to your page. Have fun!

NEWS HEADLINES: Click here to see the headlines news on the Iceland Volcano :)
Iceland Volcano

This week you are asked to find ou t the following?

1. What do we use to clarify disasters?
2. How are they measured?

These websites may help you:


This week are concentrating on 'What is below us?'. Please make sure you start to use pictures, movies and other widgets to help illustrate your work from this point.

This weeks questions are -

1. What are the layers of the earths structure?2. What resources do we use from beneath the earth?
Addition Resources
Wk 5

Earths Layers

How do we distinguish between the various layers and how do they interact to cause natural disasters?
What are '
Plate Tectonics'?

What are the 'Earth Plates'?

What are Volcanoes – types, damage, famous volcanoes, history of eruptions?
Volcano Types
Famous Volcanoes – History of Eruptions

What are earthquakes - types, damage, famous earthquakes, history of shakes?
Earth Plates cause earthquakes
Earthquake Types
Famous Earthquakes – San Fancisco


Welcome to week six of a very busy term. It's hard to believe that we are half way through the term already. Now that we have got past the NAPLAN tests we can, hopefully, really start to sink our teeth into our Inquiry Unit! As we do every week, make sure your complete your weekly reflection and the weeks focus questions.

This weeks questions are -

What are the different atmospheric layers above us?

What effect does the sun and moon have on the Earth?

Additional Resources
Wk 6

The following website has a list of websites and resources discovery the topic ‘What’s above us?’
Layers of the Earths Atmosphere
Animated Diagram
Effects the sun has on the Earth
Effects the moon has on the Earth
Moon Tides


We are beginning to get closer to the time when you will be expected to present your finished wiki page to the rest of your class. Please remember to fill out the reflection and questions of each week. Please check your grammar, spelling and presentation.

This weeks question is -

How can what is in our solar system affect us?

Additional Resources
Wk 7


We have two more weeks of reflections and questions before we begin presenting your finished project and you give your final answer to our essential question - 'Are we more dangerous to the world than Natural Disasters?'. Remember to correct your spelling and grammar plus ensure you have answered every question from every week.

This weeks question is -

How do humans affect nature?How has human use of land caused problems?